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Indoor localisation: Keeping track of injection moulding tools


Hasco's Mould Track System introduces a new approach in the injection moulding industry, aiming to optimise manufacturing processes. This system uses ultra-broadband radio modules and intelligent software for precise indoor localisation of moulding tools.

Foto: Hasco

In an increasingly competition-oriented industry, it is of major importance for companies to optimise their manufacturing processes and reduce bottlenecks.

It generally occurs in an injection moulding company, over the course of time, that the number of injection moulding tools builds up significantly and, after the production of a batch, the moulding tool is put into storage. When it is needed the next time, it is essential to know quickly and exactly where to find it in order to prevent a long search and perhaps production bottlenecks as a result.

Hasco's innovative Mould Track System offers an intelligent solution with precise indoor localisation technology for the injection moulding sector. Hasco once again sets the standard in terms of efficiency and productivity.

The key to the success of Mould Track lies in the highly modern technology. Through the integration of precise ultra-broadband radio modules and an intelligent software platform, Mould Track offers a localisation accuracy of down to a few centimetres. With robust algorithms, the system enables the exact tracking and localisation of injection moulding tools indoors.

The advantages for the injection moulding sector are considerable, providing an advantage over the competition:

  • The system enables the exact tracking of injection moulding tools in real time and the digital interlinking of processes. Bottlenecks can thus be reduced and resources used more efficiently.
  • The precise tracking of the moulds allows improved production planning. This enables companies to optimise the use of moulding tools and reduce throughput times.
  • Fast and easy location detection can eliminate superfluous downtimes. Valuable time no longer has to be invested in the search for moulds.

Through the exact tracking and localisation of the moulds, it is ensured that they are used at the right place at the right time. Mould Track enables fast setting-up of injection moulding machines because the exact position of the moulds is known. This means that companies can respond more flexibly to customer requirements and make optimum use of the production capacities. With its new Mould Track, Hasco offers an intelligent pioneering solution and thus once again defines the standard with increasing digitalisation in the world of mouldmaking. 

Source: ETMM

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