IRT 3000


Signal Feedback Included


Intelligent standard parts from Elesa+Ganter ensure greater safety, higher efficiency and more stable processes.


Setting bolts with a cable? Cabinet U-handle with signal light? An oil level indicator that provides not only visual information but also sends an electronic signal thanks to a REED contact? There’s no doubt about it: Elesa+Ganter standard parts are becoming even more functional - multifunctional to be precise. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as remote monitoring the fill and temperature levels in hydraulic tanks, displaying process situations, or reporting the position of parts in machines.

For instance, the smart GN 251.2 setting bolt reports whether workpieces are precisely positioned in the machining process thanks to the integrated end position switch. The GN 817.6 indexing plunger and its pneumatically operated, fully compatible counterpart, the GN 817.7, send a high signal as soon as the plunger is successfully engaged. Information on safety-related opening operations is provided by the safety hinges of the GN 139 series, which are available in zinc die-cast, stainless steel and fiber-glass-reinforced polyamide. The angle-dependent switching point can be adjusted individually, and a combined closing and locking query can be made in conjunction with the above-mentioned indexing plunger. This improves safety or saves energy - for example, when the doors need to be closed to ensure effective cooling in control cabinets. GN 893 proximity switches are equipped with inductive sensors that are installed in power clamps and report that a workpiece is clamped in the machine properly.

There are other control elements in Elesa+Ganter’s portfolio in addition to such sensors: GN 331 and GN 332 machine tubular handles provide status information via a light signal, the push button can call up further functions, and the emergency stop switch, which is also integrated, interrupts the system’s safety chain and safely stops it to protect the operator from injury and also to protect the machine from damage.

GN 422 cabinet U-handles also use a push button, but do not have an emergency stop. GN 3310 switches provide immediate feedback in the form of a red or green illuminated push button.

Elesa+Ganter deliberately avoids signal transmission via radio and relies on cable-based connections instead - because this simplifies integration into control systems, while improving reliability at the same time.

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