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Tool Balancing Equipment Ensures Consistent Moldmaking Results


Zoller enables balanced toolholders, tool assemblies and grinding wheels using its »toolBalancer« series, providing high-quality surface finishes and extended surface life to spindles and cutting tools

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Foto: Zoller Inc.

The Zoller Inc. »toolBalancer« series delivers an advanced tool balancing system that enables moldmakers to achieve high-quality surface finishes and extend the life of cutting tools and machine tool spindles.

The »toolBalancer 550« and »toolBalancer 750« can balance toolholders, tool assemblies and grinding wheels within 0.4 gmm of accuracy, enabling smooth machining that protects the machining center and produces a better part. Machines in this series can balance tools weighing up to 66 lbs with diameters up to 18.9" and lengths up to either 21.6" (»toolBalancer 550«) or 29.5" (»toolBalancer 750«).

Each system is equipped with a high-precision spindle and a balancing adapter that can mount almost any toolholder. The spindle rotates the tool with a variably adjustable speed of 400-1,200 rpm, depending on its weight. A distinctive design element prevents damage from adapters that are incorrectly screwed into the spindle.

The »toolBalancer« also includes intuitive software that guides the operator through the steps of measuring and correcting imbalance until the tool is balanced within the desired tolerance. Engineered with maximum safety in mind, both »toolBalancer« solutions are TÜV-certified to UL/CSA standards to ensure they meet strict requirements.

Design elements also prioritize operator health and safety with features like an ergonomic safety cover, a large work area with 180-degree operator access to the spindle, an adapter storage compartment with a swiveling front flap, an adjustable touch monitor and a membrane keyboard.

Keeping with Zoller’s commitment to sustainability, each machine sits on a half-ton base constructed from vibration-dampened, ultrahigh-performance concrete, a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional concrete.

Source: MoldMaking Technology

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